About Us

Western Testing is a woman and USMC veteran locally owned business operated with extensive experience on a variety of constrnction projects. We treat every project as our own and feel a vested interest in the quality of each of the projects we undertake.

Owners Kim and Tim Swenson credit their time in the US Marines with teaching them excellent leadership and customer service skills. Both have multiple undergraduate degrees and Kim has a graduate degree in management.


Western Testing employs a diverse, talented and experienced staff of certified technicians that have the capability to satisfy your materials testing and special inspection needs. We are a multi-disciplined team of problem-solvers dedicated to spending our days in the soil or lab while working closely with our clients to ensure (a) their projects are successful and (b) they want to work with us again.

Our technicians are highly qualified and expertly trained in each of the areas in which they are certified.

Every technician in our employ is Oregon born and raised. They know typical Oregon soil conditions, weather challenges and all of those other little things that make our industry particularly challenging in Oregon.

Most important, our technicians have deep roots and pride in our communities.